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Journal Articles:

[MLB17] Meneghello, G, Luchini, P., & Bewley, T.R. (2017)  A Probabilistic Framework for the Control of Systems with Discrete States and Stochastic Excitation, Automatica, to appear.

[BLP16] Bewley, T.R., Luchini, P., & Pralits, J. (2016) Methods for solution of large optimal control problems that bypass open-loop model reduction, Meccanica51 (12), 2997-3014.

[BM16] Bewley, T.R., & Meneghello, G. (2016) Efficient coordination of swarms of sensor-laden balloons for persistent, in situ, real-time measurement of hurricane developmentPhys. Rev. Fluids 1, 060507.

[BCB16] Beyhaghi, P., Cavaglieri, D., & Bewley, T.R. (2016) Delaunay-based derivative-free optimization via global surrogates, part I: linear constraints, Journal of Global Optimization 66 (3), 331-382.

[BB16] Beyhaghi, P. & Bewley, T.R. (2016) Delaunay-based derivative-free optimization via global surrogates, part II: convex constraints Journal of Global Optimization 66 (3), 383-415.

[BGSBBCB15] Bozsak, F., Gonzalez-Rodriguez, D., Stemberger, Z, Belitz, P., Bewley, T.R., Chomaz, J.-M., Barakat, A.I. (2015) Optimization of Drug Delivery by Drug-Eluting Stents, PLoS ONE 10(6): e0130182.

[MB15] Morozovsky, N., & Bewley, T.R. (2015) Stair Climbing via Successive PerchingIEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics 20 (6), 2973-2982.

[CB15] Cavaglieri, D., & Bewley, T.R. (2015)  Low-storage implicit/explicit Runge–Kutta schemes for the simulation of stiff high-dimensional ODE systems Journal of Computational Physics 286,172-193.

[SVTB13] Stipanovic, D.M., Valicka, C., Tomlin, C.J., & Bewley, T.R. (2013) Safe and Reliable Coverage ControlNumerical Algebra, Control and Optimization 3, 31-48.

[MMB13] Morozovsky, N., Moroto, R., & Bewley, T.R. (2013)  RAPID: An Inexpensive Open Source Dynamometer for Robotics ApplicationsIEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 18, 1855-1860.

[BB13] Belitz, P., & Bewley, T.R.(2013) New horizons in sphere-packing theory, part II: lattice-based derivative-free optimization via global surrogates, Journal of Global Optimization, 56, 61-91.

[BS12] Bewley, T.R., & Sharma, A.S. (2012) Efficient grid-based Bayesian estimation of nonlinear low-dimensional systems with sparse non-Gaussian PDFs Automatica 48, 1286-1290.

[B11] Bewley, T.R. (2011) Pairwise-nonrecurrent sequences Journal of Integer Sequences, In press


[CCB11] Colburn, C., Cessna, J., & Bewley, T.R. (2011) State estimation in wall-bounded flow systems, Part 3: The Ensemble Kalman Filter J. Fluid Mech682, 289-303. 

[B09] Bewley, T.R. (2009) A fundamental limit on the balance of power in a transpiration-controlled channel flowJ. Fluid Mech632, 443-446.

[BB08a] Bement, M.T., & Bewley, T.R. (2008) Excitation design for damage detection using iterative adjoint based optimization. Part 1 Method DevelopmentMechanical Systems and Signal Processing 23, 783-793.

[BB08b] Bement, M.T., & Bewley, T.R. (2008) Excitation design for damage detection using iterative adjoint based optimization. Part 2 Experimental demonstrationMechanical Systems and Signal Processing 23, 794-803.

[BZ07] Bewley, T.R., & Ziane, M. (2007) A Fundamental Limit on the Heat Flux in the Control of Incompressible Channel FlowIEEE Transactions on Automatic Control 52, 2118-2128.

[KB07] Kim, J, & Bewley, T.R. (2007) A linear systems approach to flow controlAnnual Review of Fluid Mechanics 39, 383-417.

[CHBH06] Chevalier, M., Hoepffner, J., Bewley, T.R., & Henningson, D.S. (2006) State estimation in wall-bounded flow systems. Part 2. Turbulent flowsJ. Fluid Mech552, 167-187.

[HCBH05] Hoepffner, J., Chevalier, M., Bewley, T.R., & Henningson, D.S. (2005) State estimation in wall-bounded flow systems. Part 1. Perturbed laminar flowsJ. Fluid Mech534, 263-294.

[LB04a] Lauga, E., & Bewley, T.R. (2004) Performance of a linear robust control strategy on a nonlinear model of spatially-developing flowsJ. Fluid Mech512, 343-374.

[YKB04] Yuan, C.C.L., Krstic, M., & Bewley, T.R. (2004) Active control of jet mixingIEE Proc.-Control Theory Appl151, 763-772.

[LB04] Luo, H., & Bewley, T.R. (2004) On the contravariant form of the Navier-Stokes equation in time-dependent curvilinear coordinate systemsJ. Comp. Phys199, 355-375.

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[BA04] Bewley, T.R., & Aamo, O.M. (2004) A "win-win" mechanism for low-drag transients in controlled 2D channel flow and its implications for sustained drag reductionJ. Fluid Mech. 499, 183-196.

[CB04a] Cathalifaud, P., & Bewley, T.R. (2004) A noncausal framework for model-based feedback control of spatially-developing perturbations in boundary-layer flow systems. Part I: FormulationSystems and Control Letters 51 (1), 1-13.

[CB04b] Cathalifaud, P., & Bewley, T.R. (2004) A noncausal framework for model-based feedback control of spatially-developing perturbations in boundary-layer flow systems. Part II: Numerical simulations using state feedbackSystems and Control Letters 51 (1), 15-22.

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[CB03] Cervino, L.I., & Bewley, T.R. (2003) On the extension of the complex-step derivative technique to pseudospectral algorithmsJ. Comp. Phys187, 544-549.

[HBH03a] Hogberg, M., Bewley, T.R., & Henningson, D.S. (2003) Linear feedback control and estimation of transition in plane channel flowJ. Fluid Mech481, 149-175.

[HBH03b] Hogberg, M., Bewley, T.R., & Henningson, D.S. (2003) Relaminarization of Re_tau=100 turbulence using gain scheduling and linear state-feedback controlPhysics Of Fluids 15, 3572-3575.

[LB03] Lauga, E., & Bewley, T.R. (2003) The decay of stabilizability with Reynolds number in a linear model of spatially developing flowsProc. R. Soc. Lond. A 459, 2077-2095.

[LB02] Lauga, E., & Bewley, T.R. (2002) Modern control of linear global instability in a cylinder wake modelInternational Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 23, 671-677.

[B01] Bewley, T.R. (2001) Flow control: new challenges for a new Renaissance. Progress in Aerospace Sciences 37, 21-58.

[BMT01] Bewley, T.R., Moin, P., & Temam, R. (2001) DNS-based predictive control of turbulence: an optimal benchmark for feedback algorithmsJ. Fluid Mech447, 179-225. Click here for Appendix C, which was not published in JFM, but did appear in Bewley's PhD thesis at Stanford University.

[BTZ00a] Bewley, T.R., Temam, R., & Ziane, M. (2000a) A general framework for robust control in fluid mechanicsPhysica D 138, 360-392.

[BTZ00b] Bewley, T.R., Temam, R., & Ziane, M. (2000b) Existence and uniqueness of optimal control to the Navier-Stokes equationsC.R. Acad. Sci. Paris 330, 1-5.

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[BL98] Bewley, T.R., & Liu, S. (1998) Optimal and robust control and estimation of linear paths to transitionJ. Fluid Mech365, 305-349.

[HBM98] Hammond, E.P., Bewley, T.R., & Moin, P. (1998) Observed mechanisms for turbulence attenuation and enhancement in opposition-controlled wall-bounded flowsPhysics of Fluids 10, 2421-2423.

[MB94] Moin, P., & Bewley, T.R. (1994) Feedback control of turbulenceAppl. Mech. Rev47, (6), part 2, pp. S3-S13.

Conference papers:

[abb17] Alimo, S., Beyhaghi, P., & Bewley, T.R. (2017) Optimization combining derivative-free global exploration with derivative-based local refinement CDC, Melbourne.

[mbdb17] Meneghello, G., Bewley, T.R., de Jong, M., & Briggs, C. (2017) A coordinated balloon observation system for sustained in-situ measurements of hurricanes.  IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky.

[abmb17] Alimo, S., Beyhaghi, P., Meneghello, G., & Bewley, T.R. (2017)  Delaunay-based optimization in CFD leveraging multivariate adaptive polyharmonic splines (MAPS), AIAA 2017-0129.

[mlb16] Meneghello, G., Luchini, P., & Bewley, T.R. (2016)  On the control of buoyancy-driven devices in stratified, uncertain flowfields, ISSF, San Diego.

[fgfmxb16] Friesen, J., Glick, P., Fanton, M., Manovi, P., Xydes, A., Bewley, T.R., & Sunspiral, V. (2016) The second generation prototype of a Duct Climbing Tensegrity robot, DuCTTv2, ICRA, 2123-2128, Stockholm.

[bsb15] Bewley, T.R., Strawson, J., & Briggs, H.C. (2015)  Leveraging Open Standards and Credit-Card-Sized Linux Computers in Embedded Control & Robotics Education, AIAA 2015-0801, SciTech, Kissimmee.

[ysfb15] Yang, D., Sihite, E., Friesen, J., & Bewley, T.R. (2015) Design and control of a micro ball-balancing robot (MBBR) with orthogonal midlatitude omniwheel placementIROS, Hamburg.


[fpboss14] Friesen J., Pogue, A., Bewley, T.R., de Oliveira, M., Skelton, R., & Sunspiral, V. (2014) DuCTT: A tensegrity robot for exploring duct systemsICRA, 4222-4228, Hong Kong. 

[sb11] Schmidt-Wetekam, C., & Bewley, T.R. (2011) An arm suspension mechanism for an underactuated single legged hopping robotICRA, Shanghai.

[smb11] Schmidt-Wetekam, C.,  Morozovsky, N., & Bewley, T.R. (2011) Inertial Rotation Center Position Estimation for a Perching Treaded VehicleIROS, San Francisco.

[msb11] Morozovsky, N., Schmidt-Wetekam, C., & Bewley, T.R. (2011) Switchblade: An Agile Treaded RoverIROS, San Francisco.

[zcb11] Zhang, D., Colburn, C., & Bewley, T.R. (2011)  Estimation and adaptive observation of environmental plumes, ACC, San Francisco.

[kb10] Krohn, R., & Bewley, T.R. (2010) Underactuated control and distribution of multi-agent systems in stratified flow environmentsCDC, Atlanta.

[cb09] Cessna, J., & Bewley, T.R. (2009) Honeycomb-structured computational interconnects and their scalable extension to spherical domains, SLIP, San Francisco.

[bcchiw08] Bewley, T.R., Cessna, J.,  Colburn, C., Ham, F., Iaccarino, G., & Wang, Q. (2008) Object-oriented implementation of the EnVE estimation/forecasting algorithm and its application to high-performance turbulence codes, Proceedings of the 2008 Stanford CTR Summer Program, Stanford.

[bb08] Belitz, P., & Bewley, T.R. (2008) `Checkers' - highly efficient derivative-free optimizationAIAA Paper 2008-4313,  Seattle.

[ccb08] Cessna, J., Colburn, C., & Bewley, T.R. (2008) EnVE: A new estimation algorithm for weather forecasting and flow controlAIAA Paper 2008-4314. Seattle.

[szhb07] Schmidt-Wetekam, C., Zhang, D., Hughes, R., & Bewley, T.R. (2007) Design, optimization, and control of a new class of reconfigurable hopping rovers, CDC, 5150-5155. New Orleans.

[sb07] Summers, S., & Bewley, T.R. (2007) MPDopt: A versatile toolbox for adjoint-based model predictive control of smooth and switched nonlinear dynamic systems, CDC, 4785-4790. New Orleans.

[ccb07] Cessna, J., Colburn, C., & Bewley, T.R. (2007) Multiscale retrograde estimation and forecasting of chaotic nonlinear systems,CDC, 2205-2210.  New Orleans.

[bb07] Belitz, P., & Bewley, T.R. (2007) Efficient derivative-free optimization, CDC, 5358-5363.  New Orleans.

[bpl07] Bewley, T.R., Pralits, J., & Luchini, P. (2007) Minimal-energy control feedback for stabilization of bluff-body wakes based on unstable open-loop eigenvalues and left eigenvectors, Fifth Conference on Bluff Body Wakes and Vortex-Induced Vibrations (BBVIV5). Bahia, Brazil.

[lb05] Luo, H., & Bewley, T.R. (2005) Accurate simulation of near-wall turbulence over a compliant tensegrity fabricSPIE Paper 5757-17, San Diego. 

[lb03b] Luo, H., & Bewley, T.R. (2003) Design, modeling, and optimization of compliant tensegrity fabrics for the reduction of turbulent skin frictionSPIE Paper 5049-57, San Diego.

[lb03a] Liu, S., & Bewley, T.R. (2003) Adjoint-based system identification and feedforward control optimization in automotive powertrain subsystemsACC, Denver.

[cb03b] Cervino, L.I., & Bewley, T.R. (2003) Adjoint analysis and control opportunities in a 2D jetCDC, Maui.

[cb03a] Cathalifaud, P., & Bewley, T.R. (2003) A noncausal strategy for feedback control of spatially-parabolic flow systemsCDC, Maui.

[cb03c] Cathalifaud, P., & Bewley, T.R. (2003) A noncausal framework for model-based feedback control of spatially-developing perturbations in boundary layersAIAA Paper 2003-3572, Orlando.

[bt02] Bewley, T.R., & Trenchea, C. (2002) Noncooperative optimizations of controls for time-periodic Navier-Stokes systems with multiple solutionsAIAA Paper 2002-2754, St. Louis.

[akb01] Aamo, O.M., Krstic, M., & Bewley, T.R. (2001) Fluid mixing by feedback in Poiseuille flowACC, Arlington.

[hb00] Hogberg, M., & Bewley, T.R. (2000) Spatially-localized convolution kernels for decentralized control and estimation of transition in plane channel flowCDC, Sydney.

[b99a] Bewley, T.R. (1999) On the applicability of linear feedback for nonlinear systems in fluid mechanicsACC, San Diego.

[b99b] Bewley, T.R. (1999) New Frontiers for Control in Fluid Mechanics: A Renaissance approachFEDSM99-6926, Proceedings of the 3rd ASME/JSME Joint Fluids Engineering Conference, San Francisco.

[bmt97] Bewley, T.R., Moin, P., & Temam, R. (1997) Optimal and robust approaches for linear and nonlinear regulation problems in fluid mechanicsAIAA Paper 1997-1872, Snowmass.

[tbm97] Temam, R., Bewley, T.R., & Moin, P. (1997) Control of turbulent flowsProceedings of the 18th IFIP TC7 Conference on System Modelling and Optimization, Detroit.

[btz97] Bewley, T.R., Temam, R., & Ziane, M. (1997) A generalized framework for robust control in fluid mechanics, Center for Turbulence Research Annual Research Briefs, 299-316, Stanford.

[kbhm97] Koumoutsakos, P., Bewley, T.R., Hammond, E., & Moin, P. (1997) Feedback algorithms for turbulence control - Some recent developmentsAIAA Paper 1997-2008, Snowmass.

Submitted: (please contact us if you would like to see the pdf of one of the manuscripts below) 

[bab_alphaX] Beyhaghi, P., Alimo, S., & Bewley, T.R. (submitted)  A Delaunay-based method for optimizing infinite time averages of numerical discretizations of ergodic systems (CDC)

[BB_Z] Beyhaghi, P., & Bewley, T.R. (submitted) Implementation of Cartesian grids to accelerate Delaunay-based derivative-free optimization.  (JOGO)

[BB_alpha] Beyhaghi, P., & Bewley, T.R. (submitted) A derivative-free optimization algorithm for the efficient minimization of time-averaged statistics.  (Computational Optimization and Applications)

[ABB_omega] Alimo, S., Beyhaghi, P., & Bewley, T.R. (submitted) Delaunay-based derivative-free optimization via global surrogates, Part III: Nonconvex constraints.  (JOGO)

Under preparation: (please contact us if you would like to see a pdf of one of the draft manuscripts below) 

[ACBB_IMEXRK_via_DDOGS] Alimo, S., Cavaglieri, D., Beyhaghi, P., & Bewley, T.R.  (under preparation)  Design of IMEXRK time integration schemes via Delaunay-based derivative-free optimization (JOGO)

[ABB_Lambda] Alimo, S., Beyhaghi, P., & Bewley, T.R.  (under preparation)  Implementation of dense lattices to accelerate Delaunay-based optimization with linear constraints (Optimization & Software)

[ABB_reduction] Alimo, S., Beyhaghi, P., & Bewley, T.R.  (under preparation)  Delaunay-based Optimization with Rescaling and Dimension Reduction Leveraging Multivariate Adaptive Polyharmonic Splines (JOGO)

PhD theses: please click here.

Journal Articles
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